Design in the Times of Coronavirus

This bamboo pavillion at the Budai Sea view Park, a fishing port in Chiayi, Taiwan is a place of contemplation. Cheng Tsung Feng calls himself an

Much before Instagram transformed into an online business platform, The Burlap People(TBP), founded by Samriddh Burman was one of the first Indian companies that set

A reflective floating garden counterpoints the absolutist castle giving the MVRDV designed master plan for Ettlinger an intimate and green centrepiece that connects the various

House Lessans designed by Belfast Studio, McGonigle McGrath, was named the RIBA House of the Year in 2019 for its contextual architecture executed on a

“A Clean, Well-lighted Place”, the title of a Hemingway story sits well with this Box House designed by Uru Consulting. This unembellished house that is

Atlassian to build the world’s tallest hybrid timber building for its new headquarters at Sydney in the tech precinct at Central Station with New York-based

Scale Up presents “Public Art and the Built Environment Art for the people” on the 22nd of July 2020 at 5:00 pm (GMT+3) Doha Time, 7:30pm (IST) Indian Time.

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SCALE completes one year of curating the best in art, architecture, and design to its readers. SCALE thanks all its readers. During the trying times of this virus outbreak which has affected 140 countries so far, crippled the economy and taken lives, we say: “We shall overcome this too.”
Sindhu Nair,
Editor-in-Chief of Scale.