Design in the Times of Coronavirus

With strong content, focused engagement, and diligent planning, Shehar Bano Rizvi, a Doha-based Pakistani-origin storyteller/content creator, and photographer has carved a niche in the blogging

Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery based in Dubai has launched an online virtual gallery using the most advanced technological innovations to showcase the gallery and its

The residence of two marine brothers, designed by Illusions, resembles a ship in its façade while its spatial planning acts as an anchor that gives

A fresh lease of life and culture was infused on the main Azatlyk Square in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, an industrial city in west-central

Unikato is a low-budget residential building, designed by KWK Promes that tries to breathe new life to the depopulating downtown of Katowice, Poland, a city

Lumicene designs and launches Lumipod, a minimal cell that allows the interiors to glide into the outdoors with just a swish of the sliding curved


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SCALE Completes One Year of Curating the Best in Art

SCALE completes one year of curating the best in art, architecture, and design to its readers. SCALE thanks all its readers. During the trying times of this virus outbreak which has affected 140 countries so far, crippled the economy and taken lives, we say: “We shall overcome this too.”
Sindhu Nair,
Editor-in-Chief of Scale.