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Modern Design Marries Heritage

The MarquetryMania collection, features a centre table, dining table and decorative accessories and was exhibited at Dilmos Gallery during Milan Design Week.

MarquetryMania seamlessly celebrates the values of design; traditional Middle Eastern craftsmanship reimagined within a playful contemporary setting. Being respectful to the ancient and iconic marquetry techniques, Nada Debs has stripped back the ornate handcraft of intricately adorning objects with thousands of pieces of wood inlay. She has introduced a kaleidoscope pattern, introducing post-modern features to create a collection of strikingly fresh designs.

The series attempts to weave Middle Eastern heritage, Japanese aesthetics and modernist interpretations of proportions. The salient colours of the lacquer wood are inspired by Nada’s collection of ancient Japanese Obi (belts used to adorn kimonos), while the extension of this exquisite craft supported by the union between linear inlay imposed on spherical shapes changes the perception of the classic domestic environment.

Nada says, “I am interested in duality and how one balances and combines different ideas, here it was about reinvigorating a traditional technique with a modern, almost rebellious approach.”

Dilmos Gallery was founded in 1980 as an exhibition space for high-end designer furniture featuring iconic modern objects along with the production of manufacturers at the forefront of contemporary design. Through the years Dilmos’ design philosophy has steered away from homogeneity of style fostering instead a passion for poetry and communication through the different idioms and thought processes belonging to the large family of its creative collaborators.

The MarquetryMania collectionThe MarquetryMania collection - Milan Design WeekThe MarquetryMania collection at Dilmos GalleryThe MarquetryMania collection at Dilmos Gallery

The MarquetryMania collection - Scale Magazine

Pic courtesy: Nada Debs

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