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Museums’ Experimental Design continues to its Interiors

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) has revealed how it has visualised its gift shops and food sites, which will open over the course of several weeks after the public opening on March 28.

According to Qatar Museums, similar to the carefully chosen aesthetic of the museum itself, each outfit was created by an artist whose vision was inspired by the grand design of the desert rose.

Japanese-born, Sydney-based designer Koichi Takada won the competition to create the stunning indoor spaces. The firm designed both museum shops (a gift shop and a children’s gift shop), the Desert Rose Café, Cafe 875 and Jiwan Restaurant. Inspired by traditional Qatari hospitality and the idea of taking respite along a journey, the design complements Jean Nouvel’s architecture.

Principal Architect, Koichi Takada, explained: “Designing the interiors of the National Museum of Qatar was an opportunity to create a unique experience for visitors to allow them to be immersed in Qatar’s cultural heritage — the traditional and historical past, and its development into a modern state as the cultural hub of the Middle East. Each interior space offers a fragment of the Qatari history that aims to both enhance and fulfil a cultural and memorable experience for museum visitors.”

Visit SCALE for a detailed interview with Takada on March 27, as soon as the Museum opens its doors.

National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

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