The story of SCALE begins where print media fails. In a market that has become conservative in its spending on advertisement and marketing, SCALE starts a digital adventure.
SCALE is the fruit of a passion for content that inspires and a love for designs that delight. It was born out of an architects’ passion to curate the best of designs from around the world while focusing on the note-worthy architectural projects in Qatar.
SCALE is a journalists’ vision of engaging her readers in content of value. After over a decade long tenure in news gathering and reportage in Qatar, Sindhu Nair, an architect who has worked as a journalist for most of her life, still feels passionate about content curation in the field of architecture and design.
SCALE is the response to this passion, to continue on the journey of educating herself and the world in this process, of exploring spaces that exhilarate.
SCALE follows signature architects on their design journey while looking at minuscule projects that intrigue, and engages readers with stories told through words and images.
Come on this visual journey with SCALE and be prepared to fall in love with the designs curated.
Our Designers:

Scale values design as much as it does valuable content and hence there had to be no compromise on the design features of the website. It is the brainchild and design brilliance of Venkat Marri and his Team at UPPERCUT who have given Scale this look and feel and they continue to maintain and design each of the stories and the back-end technicalities of SCALE.

Our Contributors:

Aarti Mohan

Aarti is as passionate about architecture and design as she is about her Carnatic singing. She sources and writes on content that has a unique flair and a deep understanding of the world of designs. She has many years of experience in the publishing industry and is an integral member of SCALE.