Italian architect Renzo Piano

Piano to build a bridge in Italy

Renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano has agreed to oversee the construction of a new Genoa bridge in Italy to replace the one that collapsed and killed 43 people. A section of the 51-year-old Morandi bridge fell down on 14 August, 2018 crushing vehicles and buildings underneath. The bridge is a main road in and out of Genoa, linking it to the A10 motorway and the road to France.

A section collapsed amid extremely heavy rainfall. The cause is still unclear. The bridge was having work done to shore up its foundations at the time.

The new project will cost over €200 million and is expected to be completed in 12 months, officials said. Piano is best known for designing buildings such as London’s Shard and the New York Times headquarters. The 81-year-old had earlier volunteered to help design a replacement bridge, which he said would “last for 1,000 years”.

Renzo Piano

“Making buildings is a civic gesture and social responsibility”, Piano affirms. “Architecture is about making a place for people to come together and share values”.

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