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The Power of Simplicity

Scale wanted to focus on simplicity in designs as in life. Simplicity in a product is about helping the user solve a problem or achieve a goal in an easier, faster, and better way. From an egg holder for your breakfast needs to objects that stirred the imaginations of many and thus we explored…

GOOD MORNING DOHA - Scale MagazineIt is the design of simple objects that made us revere the art of product design, like this morning pièce de résistance, Aamu, which translates from Finnish as ‘Morning’, by Architects Independent, a Qatar-based design and architecture collective founded by Dr. Thomas Modeen and Maysaa Al-Mumin.

And more from our archives of design-conscious products…

THE TWISTED CONCRETE BENCH - Scale MagazineThe Twisted Concrete Bench

A brutal material bent into beautiful form. Lebanese architect and product designer Badih Rameh stretched imaginations and one of the most unrelenting materials in the construction industry, concrete, to create a twisted bench. He explains it all in this interview, featured in SCALE.

COAL, POST-FUEL, A MATERIAL REVOLUTION - Scale MagazineCoal, Post-Fuel: A Material Revolution

Reimagining coal – chunky, jagged, of dead things and infinite possibilities. London-based artist and designer Jesper Eriksson has created furniture using coal, exploring this iconic dirty fossil fuel as a substance to be cherished and elevating it to the likes of marble.

COFFIN CHAIR, A DESIGN BEYOND LIFE - Scale MagazineCoffin Chair: A Design Beyond Life

Upon which to sit and contemplate life. And later, to lie within it in death. Industrial Design graduate Yeyang Liao has created The Coffin Chair, an item of furniture that the owner can be cremated in after they die. His design was in response to his country, China’s, growing population and lack of space, and the age-old tradition of keeping their coffins ready early in order to wish for a long life. Hence this coffin, that is initially a piece of furniture that later transforms into the traditional coffin.

STUMBLED UPON BY ALESSANDRO ISOLA - Scale MagazineStumbled Upon by Alessandro Isola

An artistic and functional take on the casually out-of-place rug. Stumbled Upon by Alessandro acts as a functional table area, accented with a contrasting material. The fold means it can be configured into multi-functional surfaces that suit the moment. This additional surface is now functional but also gives flexibility and simply curves over to add more contact with the texture of the floor space.

THE REAL CHAIR - Scale MagazineThe Real Chair

When a continuous, free-flowing line that is suddenly a chair. Adhering to principles we love, of simplicity and clean lines. This Ethereal Chair by Marc Fish is made from thin veneers of sycamore.


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