Marc Fish Ethereal Series Chair

The Real Chair

Scale has said it before and it says this again; the simplicity of a product is the beauty of it. This Ethereal Chair by Marc Fish goes on to prove what we always believed in. Smooth curves, simple lines and an uncomplicated wood work makes this chair seem like the work of legendary painter. The Ethereal chair is by Marc Fish and is made from thin veneers of sycamore. It is laminated and shaped into curves and held with resin. Marc combines his approach of creating curvilinear forms using his signature micro stack-lamination technique with a new process of marrying paper-thin wood laminations with poured resin. The result is a seamless structure, with engineered precision that allows light to pass through it. The traveling line of the chair’s back and arms meet to form the wood and resin seat. As the spaces between the paper-thin laminations in the seat fluctuate, light passes through at varying shades from light to dark.

Marc began making furniture 20 years ago. After mastering the skills used for centuries by craftsmen, Marc explored new materials and ways to produce fluid, sculptural pieces inspired by the curvilinear forms of Art Nouveau. His process pushes the limits of 21st Century furniture design and transcends the barriers of art, design, sculpture and furniture.

Marc has been awarded four Guild Marks by The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, and the Claxton Stevens award in 2011 for the best guild mark issued in 2010. In 2015 Marc won first prize at Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design.

Ethereal Series Chair by Marc Fish

Ethereal Series Chair by Marc Fish

Marc Fish, Ethereal Series ChairMarc Fish Ethereal Series Chair

Pictures Courtesy Marc Fish


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