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The Stove-top Table

A product designed by Doha-based architect Thomas Modeen of Architects Independent that can change in size according to one’s need.

Architects Independent, a Qatar based design and architecture collective founded by Dr. Thomas Modeen and Maysaa Al-Mumin, who are interested in engaging and designing environments and artifacts, both small and large, the individuals that use them, the processes that realize them, and the ideas, contexts, and sensorial constructs that define and unite them. The Stove-top Table - Scale MagazineThe Stove-top Table - Scale Magazine

This Stove-top Table is one from the large plethora of design-ware that Thomas (Tomi) and Maysaa create, some of them simple prototypes while others can be produced on a larger scale but each of them carrying the stamp of the couple’s cryptic creativity.The Stove-top Table - Scale Magazine

This table according to Tomi is a table whose size can be adjusted by adding or removing its concentric peripheral circles. “Consequently, it can be adapted to function as a dining table for two to four people, or even a smaller side-table,” he says.The Stove-top Table - Scale Magazine

The design was inspired by the cast-iron stovetop found in the (electricity-free) summer cottage Tomi spent his childhood in on an island in the Finnish archipelago.

The table, which is as both designed and made in Qatar, is made of vinyl-covered MDF, and beech wood.The Stove-top Table - Scale Magazine

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